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In August of 2011, my family and I moved back to the USA, we have temporarily inactivated our travel assistance and real estate sales activities but we will be happy to offer assistance or advice to those who wish to contact us by email or call us at (775) 636-1462.

It is our aim to establish Monkey Business as the premier resource for travelers who wish to visit Venezuela and Margarita Island, and for travelers who will use Margarita Island as a home base for their excursions into the exotic interior of Venezuela. The issue that most people raise about Venezuela as a possible tourist destination or retirement location is the current political climate. To get an up to date analysis of Venezuela's political situation, please take a look at my analysis.

Margarita Island has a modern full service airport with flights to all of the most desirable destinations and also modern ferry service to the mainland. Visitors will appreciate the Island's laid back fun atmosphere that is both relaxing and energizing.

Ideally, you don't take an adventure, the adventure takes you. Monkey Business wants to help you maximize your opportunities for adventure and excitement while you minimize expense, and risk of disappointment.

Monkey Business is intended to be a one stop source that pulls together all of the information a visitor may need to plan, organize and actualize their Venezuela adventure.

Be sure to explore the Visitor Guide (found on the above navigation menu), you might also consider using the Monkey Business Concierge Service to maximize your enjoyment.


Living Here

In addition to information for tourists, Monkey Business provides insight into what Living Here is like.

Monkey Business lists real estate opportunities and a few business opportunities for people who may wish to invest or create a business here on Margarita Island.

Monkey Business also provides many facts about Venezuela's political and economic evolution; things that you will not find in the popular US media.

We hope everyone enjoys reading about our adventure and invite our friends to come visit.

Smorgasbord of Vacation Opportunities

If you are ready to grab life by the tail and go on the adventure of a lifetime, Monkey Business is the perfect starting place. Be sure you read the advice we give in Airport Hints. We have gone through the arrival and departure process at least twenty times and believe me, I wish I could have had these pointers on my first visit. Following these simple guidelines will allow you to breeze through the airport like a seasoned visitor and save some time, money and hassle along the way.

Venezuela offers an unbelievable variety of travel opportunities. I am amazed at how dramatically lifestyles, cultures, and geography vary in each region of the country. Travel options range from the sexy easy going beach town resorts of Isla de Margarita, to the extreme wide open plains of los Llanos.

Travelers can enjoy the breathtaking heights of the Andes near Merida or experience the wild, primitive, and mysterious Amazonas.

There are still small sleepy villages that take you a step back in time, and amazing Canaima where the mighty Rio Carrao spills over seven waterfalls (including the world's highest Angel Falls) into a blood colored lagoon nearly a mile down.

In La Gran Sabana, we recommend a three day canoe trip that explores three of the rivers within the amazing tepui Cerro Autana which was declared a national park in 1978 and contains some of the oldest geologic remains on Earth.

Venezuela is a beautiful place and this is the time to plan your adventure, while the prices are still reasonable. There are still areas of Venezuela that are pristine and in their natural state. Many of the indigenous cultures have been protected and their ancient cultures are intact.